Sensory Assessments

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Do you or someone you know have difficulty managing or regulating their sensory needs? If so, we can help. We offer full, comprehensive sensory assessments identify individual needs. From this we create a sensory profile or the individual’s needs and a sensory diet of activities and strategies which can be implemented daily both at home and at school. Our sensory assessments can be arranged for both adults and children.

Skills Assessments

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We assess individuals who are having difficulty in engaging in daily tasks and meaningful activities. We take a holistic view of the person’s needs and identify strategies, aids and adaptations which can help the individual increase and achieve independence on a daily basis. We work collaboratively with the individual to achieve and engage in what is meaningful to them.

Movement and Coordination Assessments

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We use screening and assessment tools to identify a delay or impairment in motor and coordination development in children. We use the following assessment tools to screen for and assess motor and coordination difficulties:

  • Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (DCDQ): a brief parent questionnaire designed to screen for coordination disorders in children, aged 5 to 15 years. More information can be found here:
  • The Movement Assessment Battery for Children – Second Edition. This assessment allows us to assess if any motor development delay or impairment is having an impact on activities undertaken both at school and at home.

Handwriting Assessments

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We offer assessments and advice on how to develop and improve your handwriting, which can also be done in conjunction with fine motor assessments. We also offer assessment using the Detailed Assessment of the Speed of Handwriting (DASH) which can also provide access arrangements for exams for anyone with handwriting difficulties.

Aids and Adaptations

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If you are having difficulty navigating around your home or the community due to age, illness or disability, we can assess for the most appropriate aids such as wheelchairs, toileting and bathing equipment, and specialist seating which can support you to be more independent in your own home our out and about. We also assess for major adaptations to your home such as level access showers or wet rooms, stairlifts, hoists and ramps.


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If your current home doesn’t meet your needs, or you are trying to identify a new home, we can provide environmental assessments to identify your needs and provide a comprehensive report of need for private landlords and local authority housing.

Motor Skills Assessments

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We assess anyone who is having difficulty with their fine and/or gross motor skills. If you or someone you know has difficulty with handwriting, using buttons and zips, using a knife and fork or balance and coordination, get in touch to see how we can help.

Remote Assessments

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Our assessments are usually undertaken in your home, however some of our assessments can be undertaken remotely over the phone or via Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Please ask us if you require a remote assessment.

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